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8 Weeks of Complete Gym Routines, Food Plans, Supplement Guides, & Explainer Videos To Shed Fat & Gain Lean Muscle!

What you’ll learn

Build Muscle And Lose Fat With Effective Science Based Exercises
How To Diet With Nutrition For Muscle Growth And Fat Loss
The Quickest Way To Get Six-pack Abs
Understanding Supplements For Beginners – How Not to Waste Your Money
Building Long Term Habits – The Secret To Long Term Muscle Growth
Learn About Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting as Tools for Weight Loss Success


You Should Have A Gym Membership Or Access To Strength Training Equipment
You Don’t Need Prior Workout Knowledge


Are you Looking For a Workout Plan and Food Plan That Can Get You Real Sustainable Results Fast?

I created the 8 week shred for individuals looking to just that. In the internet age there is so much misinformation given about fitness that I wanted to create a step by step guide that I have used with actual clients over the last 15 years that actually works. It works because it’s based on actual science. The 8 week shred is perfect for beginners who want more detailed instruction when they go to the gym. I created to the course to make it feel like you have a personal trainer with you, walking you through every step…..because you do!

Each phase of the program is designed to progress you to the next phase.

The course covers:

Detailed videos of each exercise and how to effectively execute each workout

Detailed HIIT Training ( High Intensity Interval Training ) To maximize calorie burn in the shortest time possible

Carb Cycling

Intermittent Fasting

Detailed Nutrition Plan That is Customizable to Your Needs

Full Supplement Guide

How To Make Your Own Supplements

6 Pack Ab Secrets

The 8 Week Shred Stretching Routine

All of this is to help you create your best overall physique but also give you the tools for maximum flexibility, strength, and healthy lifestyle.

No More Training 2-3 hours a day in the gym

No Fad Dieting That is Created For You To Fail

No More Crap Supplements That Don’t Work

Just an easy to follow step by step system that has worked for 100’s of my clients over the years that average a 10-18 lb. healthy weight loss and muscle gain over the course of the 8 week program

Get The 8 Week Shred Today And Start Seeing Real Results On Your Way To The Healthiest Version Of You!

Who this course is for

This Course is for Beginners who want Science-Based Workout and Nutrition Plan From a Top Ranked U.S. Trainer
For Novice Gym Goers Who Want to Up Their Game and Shred Quickly Without Losing Muscle

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