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Reach Higher Levels of Consciousness

What you’ll learn
How human brain activity creates what you experience in life
How human energy shell or aura is created
How human aura is created and what keeps it in balance
Is energy healing or chakra balancing a long term solution
Why the point of “here and now” is the key to stable energy flow
Why your date of birth is so important in understanding who you are


Open mind and desire to change your life for the better


Learn about energy-informational reality we are living and improve the lifescript you are writing every day.

There will be no gurus, simply because everyone is a genius on their own level.

No new agey stuff – and even though it might sound woo-woo for some people, I will do my best to offer explanation with examples, and you are always welcome to reach out with related questions.

There will also be no dogmatic indoctrination or trying to make you believe that what you learn during the webinar is an absolute and only truth. You are more than welcome to take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

Who this course is for

Those who are ready for insight and practical knowledge, so they can improve their lifescript
Truth seekers on the path of spiritual self-discovery

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