API Development: Learn to Build REST API in Swift, Kitura & Bluemix [Bitdegree Coupon]

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API development tutorial for an iOS programmer & all who want to become one. Build REST API in Swift, Kitura & Bluemix. API development for you.

API Development: Learn to Build REST API in Swift, Kitura, & Bluemix. A Course for iOS Programmers and All Who Want to Become Them

What You Will Learn?

  • Exactly how to construct REST APIs in Kitura & Swift
  • How to build an iphone application that can communicate with Kitura API
  • How to deal with IBM Cloudant Database
  • How to comprehend server-side Swift
  • How to release an online API to the Internet


: API Development: Learn to Build REST API in Swift, Kitura & Bluemix

Invite to one of the most engaging training course training exactly how to build REST APIs in Swift on the internet. In this course, you’ll find out API advancement for servers using Swift, Bluemix, and Kitura.

What, possibly, brings in a lot of customers to this course is the holistic technique it takes to help you find out Swift, Kitura, and also Bluemix. While numerous programs dive unfathomable right into the concept of API development, this API tutorial takes a well balanced method to points. This program offers you enough theoretical knowledge and also an extensive hands-on discovering experience. Most professional designers will certainly tell you that the very best method to find out any kind of kind of coding is diving heads on into it. That is just what this course does! Examine it out!

Why should you take this course?

All programmers now it can be a genuine discomfort needing to learn various languages for front-end as well as back-end advancement. Swift solves this issue by being a powerful source for both front and also back-end development. Adding Kitura to the mix and learning it together with Swift is virtually a cheat code if you wish to take your API advancement abilities to the following degree.

By learning both:

– You’ll have the ability to develop APIs that support all platforms (Firebase just sustains iOS/Android on the other hand Swift as well as Kitura support those together with tvOS and macOS).
– You reach come to be a full-stack designer without discovering numerous shows languages.
– You’ll have an edge in the work you’re interviewed for.
– You’ll have the ability to participate in API development and take care of databases for your applications.
– You find out back-end faster than discovering on Node, Rails or PHP.
What will you learn by taking this program?

– How to build REST APIs utilizing Swift and Kitura.
– API release online.
– How to develop an iOS application that connects with Kitura APIs.
– How to deal with CouchDB.
– Working with IBM Cloudant Database.
– API implementation on IBM Bluemix.
– API managed information access as well as storage from as well as on data sources.
– Setting up development tools on macOS and Ubuntu.

What brand-new skills can be contributed to your portfolio after taking this training course?

– Swift.
– Kitura (structure for API growth and web demand monitoring).
– CouchDB.
– IBM Cloudant Database.
– IBM Bluemix.
– Server-side Swift.
– Proficiency in dealing with CRUD operations.
– RESTful APIs.

Special Features.

The chat room is a very integral tool that makes discovering this training course extra efficient! Offered 24/7, you can ask questions from fellow learners, invent creative methods to solve issues and also team up. This attribute is specifically beneficial if you obtain stuck on some principles while learning. You can likewise locate some wonderful team members for your succeeding personal projects!

That can take this API tutorial?

This tutorial is designed for budding programmers as well as developers!

– iOS programmers that wish to find out Swift for API development.
– New developers who are looking to discover REST API and RESTful APIs in Swift.
– Mobile programmers who wish to build a back-end API for their mobile applications.
What are you waiting for? KICKSTART your job with this remarkable, very easy to follow training course today!


  • A computer running with macOS or Ubuntu.
  • Standard Swift skills may be practical however are not required.

About the Instructor.

Devslopes by Mark Price:
I am Mark Price, the CEO of Devslopes. If you are a beginner at coding who intends to become a paid expert, you should be taking Devslopes interactive quizzes and also exercises. After completing them, you will certainly have the ability to construct a strong profile thanks to a technical understanding of how to develop custom applications.