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This course will introduce you to the Basics of OOP with C#, followed by a Project to Practice – Warrior Wars!

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What you’ll discover

Fundamental Concepts of Object Oriented Programming with C# (however the principles relate to the majority of languages).
Area & Properties.
Const and also Readonly constants.
Fixed Fields.
Fixed Classes (Singleton).



You must have some coding experience before taking this training course!
Aesthetic Studio Installed on your COMPUTER.
Some experience with C#.


: Basics of Object Oriented Programming with C#

This training course will certainly lay the structures of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in your mind, enabling you to proceed to extra intricate, organized as well as cleaner Programming approaches.

The training course is focused on pupils that contend the very least some coding experience, ideally with C# (yet Java or any kind of various other comparable language is additionally appropriate).

In the program you will certainly discover:.

What is a things as well as a course.
What is things oriented programs.
Course Constructors.
Ought to you or must you not utilize the “this” search phrase.
Area as well as Properties.
Various methods which Properties can be utilized.
Const and also Readonly constants, the distinction in between them as well as exactly how to utilize them.
Fixed Fields as well as Static (Singleton) Classes.
And also extra …
At the end, we will certainly develop a job to exercise every little thing that we have actually discovered in the program, by utilizing a tidy and also methodical method.

We are mosting likely to ask ourselves a collection of concerns and also we will certainly address them with code, this will certainly generate a perfectly created top quality code, that you will certainly love.

Who this course is for


Any person that intends to update their understanding as well as carry on to the following degree after the fundamentals.
Anybody that intends to revitalize their expertise concerning Object Oriented Programming.
Anybody that has passion in the area.

About the instructor:

Tod Vachev:
Ideal Selling Instructor 90,000+ Students, Robotics Engineer.
I have actually finished at Technical University of Varna as a Robotics Engineer. With numerous years of experience as a Passionate Developer as well as Engineer, I am currently an Online Entrepreneur. Mentor is among my interests, and also what far better and also a lot more impactful method to instruct, than to do it online with hundreds of pupils?

Presently concentrating on offering top quality education and learning to 10s of countless trainees around the world, on topics consisting of:.

– Programming, concentrating on the C# Programming Language.

– MATLAB, due to the fact that this is a clinical device that no researcher can do without.

– Running Online Businesses that Earn Passive Income.

For the previous 2 years I have actually concentrated on the above as well as I have actually never ever entered the 9 to 5 globe! I have actually operated in a firm just as soon as in my whole life as well as it lasted just 2 months. That’s when I recognized that, I can not discover things that I desire and also I can not get things that I desire acquire helping somebody else! You must begin helping on your own aswell!

It does not matter if you intend to end up being a designer or to run particular niche websites around the internet, you can do both of these points in your very own time as a consultant or an entrepreneur! And also I can educate you exactly how to do both of these points!

A little even more concerning me:.

I enjoy playing with auto mechanics as well as with computer systems, presently consumed with my Golf VR6! You can strike me up for some mechanic geek speaking! I like playing Dota 2 periodically when I am relaxing, I like walks and also my pet cat! And also I am a massive follower of many TELEVISION Serials!


Rick Taylor:
A really good fast and also brief intro to C#. I have actually had actually as well as made use of Udemy for over a year currently and also this is this the very first training course i have actually finished, possibly as a result of it’s size as well as quick/short talks being simple to fit about a hectic timetable.
There were a couple of fundamental points that were played down somewhat, as well as i can not claim what this intro would certainly resemble for somebody brand-new to programs (instead of simply the language) yet the program most definitely obtains a suggestion from me! The mix of standard subjects incorporated with a brief job to finish was really satisfying.

Xavier Comelli:
Excellent introduction to OOP’s with C#. This is an outstanding choice after mastering the basic such as variables, loops, decision statements and such…

xolani nhlapho:
I really enjoyed learning and everything was made easy for me to understand.The explanation cleared up a lot of confusion that I had regarding some topics

Dan Shumate:
Fine examples to adhere to. Because I’m entirely brand-new to Visual Studio as well as C#, I really did not understand what sort of application he was making to ensure that took some looking around online (Console App (. WEB Core)). Or else, it was excellent.
I in fact quit doing the program till I had a much better understanding on the essentials as well as returned to it to boost my understanding.

Starlyn Urena Ventura:
I really like the content, you should make another project after the warrior wars a little bigger one it would be nice

Jose Luis Rodriguez Fernandez:
I understand that is a basic course, and the info on that is good. I did like so much that I bought all the courses from Tod. Hope to learn a lot from you bro o7.

Bruno Vinicius Dias Brito:
i have had a small experience in the c sharp in my technology analysis and system development. The course help me to solve some understand issues! And better consolidated the content in memory.

Victor Joaquin Morales:
Very brief and punctual, I liked the mini-project where all the content of the course was applied.

Pratinjay Sharma:
The training course was succinct and also to the factor and also covered nearly all the elements of OOPs.
I appreciated it a whole lot though i would certainly have truly liked if we would certainly have entered into inheritance and also user interfaces yet it was enjoyable.

Danny Lenoir:
Kort maar krachtig. Verhelderend en absoluut niet eentonig of langdradig. Russische accent maar niet vervelend.

Ermis Ioannidis:
The instructor knew what he was talking about, was friendly and taught exactly what was described. Fun, fast and educational. Nice intro into OOP!

Iosif Bodnar:
Excellent training course! You can know fast that he is skilled as well as he recognizes what he is doing. You can acquire excellent understanding from this program. Fine examples as well as do not neglect it is FREE. I very suggest this training course.

Saad Bin Tarique:
This was an excellent experience. Involving find out C# after utilizing it for regarding 3-4 years in unity, the offered me a correct understanding of C#. Up previously I was not really comfy making use of C# beyond Unity depending primarily on Java for apart from unity functions as well as certainly C++ with Unreal. C# simply really feels much all-natural to me than various other however sadly really did not comprehended numerous C# principles which were made clear.

Wojciech Laskowski:
Truly great training for newbies. Perhaps the pace is a little to quickly for individuals that simply began collaborating with Visual Studio, however normally it’s not difficult to comprehend what is taking place:-RRB- I’ve discovered actually wonderful suggestions, major motif is well clarified as well as I believe it is a great start with C#.

Dale Fox:
The teacher discussed whatever plainly as well as the instances were understandable. He placed interpretations of the topic on display so keeping in mind was really simple. There were times where i really felt that the trainers speak rate was a little rapid. Rewatching the video clips assisted alot. Over all I took pleasure in the course and also discovered it extremely useful.

Rick Acosta:
I had some previous experience in C# and this class was a good review of the basics for me. I thought the instructor presented the material in an easy to understand manner.

Shreyas Yadav:
Great way to teach the basics and student engaging course. Once you start the course you will automatically feel to learn more and finish the course completely.Could have been much better if database connectivity with the application and real time example had been presented.

Lee Jan Karel Morado:
I am an absolute beginner in C# programming. I have read some articles about OOP and it makes me confused but in this course I have understood the basics of it.

David Castro:
I have 5 years of experience in programming languages, however, I liked this course so much to reaffirm my knowledge. Great Course, and congratulations to the instructor.

Albina Volkova:
I learnt OOP before but in this course some things get more clear for me and I learnt some new things

Leandro Brites:
The course is very objective and shows of a simple way how to use the techniques propose. I recommend for who is starting to learn C#.

Himanshu Shrama:
The course content is very good. A very well organized course for a good introduction to oops and c#, with most the basic concepts covered.

Jamie Lynn Sloan:
I mainly require to discover phrase structure on C#. I currently understand numerous shows languages. There are some.Net principles that I require much deeper expertise of. This is functioning out well. I’m ashamed to confess that I really did not understand I might produce folders, as well as drag data right into the brand-new folders in order to develop namespaces.

Tiffany Anderson:
A quick look at OOP without getting so deep and technical as to lose beginners. This is a great place to start. Being ever so slightly familiar with VS will help -know how to get around and get things started.

John Mar Ignacio:
Tod Vachev discusses every information in a much more reasonable manner in which also a novice without experience can recognize, he also gave a resource code for download for trainees to experiment with, this assists me to remember several of the basics of OOP.

Larry McAnally:
Course might have been better named Quick View of Object Oriented Programming with C#. Course is well written for it’s purpose. It does not pause to give depth but moves along rapidly. A great lead-in to his more in depth and more advanced courses which I am eager to take!

Jeana Barquet:
This is a great course, clean and efficient explanations. This fleshes out a lot of details. Professor a solid professional.

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